Carbon Cap and Trade

Obama is trying to get his carbon cap and trade bill pushed through, in spite of a wellspring of scientists who point out that there is no certain evidence of man-made global warming, and no certain evidence that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has anything at all to do with it.

If passed this will constitute the biggest tax hike on the citizens of the United States in history. According to the linked article, it will cost your family an amount ranging from $1,870 per year (in a few years) to $6,800 per year (a little later on). That’s based on a family of four.

Republicans tried to get amendments onto the bill that would stop the program if gas hits $5 a gallon; if electricity rose 10% in cost; or if unemployment rates hit 15%. The Democrats defeated all of these proposed amendments. This rape of our personal finances is going to be solely an Obama / Democrat boondoggle.

I should mention that this is going through congress NOW.


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