An Apology to my Readers

Hi, Friends;

For those of you who aren’t interested in politics, I want to apologize for my recent spate of blog entries regarding Obama’s handling of the budget crisis, universal health care, and the Cap and Trade bill.

I keep writing about them only because these things will do more damage to this country than anything that has ever gone before. Each of these things, in one way or another, will have a massive impact on each of our personal lives. Every one of them will (not ‘might’) cause financial damage to each of us.

The only portion that has already partially hit us is Obama’s stimulus plan to deal with the economy. His plan has met with some success (at stabilizing Wall Street), at an incredible cost. However, it has NOT slowed down job loss. A very telling graph, superimposing Obama’s own prediction with actual numbers, from Innocent Bystanders, makes this very clear:


It looks like a steady rise in unemployment, to me, and it is worse than what Obama predicted even without his stimulus plan. The proof is in the pudding.

I believe from all available evidence that Obama’s Universal Health Care program will eventually put us in the same boat with Canada, where they have to wait 10 weeks to get an MRI, for instance. It doesn’t work well there – it doesn’t work well in California or France; and it is not going to work well here. And yes, it will have to be paid for with new taxes in one way or another.

I believe the Cap and Trade bill will A) have no effect on the environment at all, B) is most certainly NOT based on unbiased science, and C) will constitute an amazing increase in cost of living for every one of us. It will also D) drive many industries and jobs overseas, at a time when we need the jobs.

I am 55 years old, and by everything I can see, the laws being passed by this Democratic congress and Obama are going to radically decrease me and my family’s comfort level for the rest of my life, my kids lives, and my grandkids’ lives. So no, I’m not happy about any of it, and I urge you to contact your congress-critters and tell them how you want them to vote.

THERE IS A WAY to save this economy. What we should be doing is drilling oil and gas everywhere we can find it within the United States. This would instantly open many thousands of jobs, while simultaneously radically reducing the amount we spend buying fuel from overseas. We need to produce our own fuel and burn it while we pursue alternate energy technologies. This would allow us to make the energy transition without going broke doing it. The Democrats won’t do this because of misguided concerns about pollution – but the thing to realize is that we will burn the same amount of oil, whether we get it here or overseas. Using our domestic supply of oil would save us about half a trillion dollars every year, and employ many thousands.



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  1. Paul says:

    No apology necessary Pop. Someone needs to make a clarion call and why not you? Our nation is on the crest of an economic tsunami that will sweep capitalism off the American landscape in one short presidential term. Not because Obama is black. Not because he has some Muslum background. But because he is a liberal fascist disguising himself as a savior of the people who is going to redistribute the wealth and unite the countries of the world. B.P.

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