Obama Will Ration Health Care

Obama and the Democrats don’t like for people to talk about rationing health care – yet they are already planning on it. They know they can’t pay for the health care plan they are trying to pass, and Obama himself said that “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.” That’s rationing!

My interpretation of what he is really saying is We’re better off if you live on painkillers the rest of your life instead of having the operation that would cure you. After all, you’re not going to live that long anyway.”

That decision was not made for the benefit of the patient. The entity that is “better off” is the government.

When the government decides whether you can have treatment based on whether it is cost effective; who decides when to write you off?

Is there some specific age after which you won’t be able to get certain types of care? Is euthanasia next?

Obama’s big wonderful health care package is supposed to make things better, right?

When I’m older, how is condemning me to live in pain for the rest of my life better?

There are two things going on here that I don’t like. First, this system is going to make health care worse, not better. Second, it’s going to cost every one of us a lot of money, right out of our pockets – if you work for a living.

Second issue: Obama claims that you can keep your old insurance and doctor if you like them better, instead of going on the government system. It is true that there is no provision in the bill that forces you to lose your old insurance and doctor. He’s counting on market forces to do that without explicitly putting it into law. Government insurance doesn’t have to make a profit – it will be cheaper than insurance provided by a company that does have to make a profit.

For instance, if my employer can save, say, $20,000 a year by dropping his employer provided insurance, and letting everybody go on the government plan, do you think he won’t be tempted to do so?

After a period of time, non-government insurance will be a rarity. Only the wealthy will be on private insurance or health care – like the Obama family, for instance. The hypocrite.


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