How About That?

I was reading the excellent blog of Bayou Renaissance Man, and came across this article about bacon.

I was amazed to discover that pig by-products are used in the manufacture of bullets and explosives. This is news to me.

Then, I remembered that I have read somewhere that Muslims and certain other religions define pigs as unclean animals. So I did a little fast research and found that in Islam, this sin pertains if a Muslim person knowingly partakes of pork. If they do it unknowingly, it is not a sin.

So here’s a thought: Perhaps we need to advertise the fact that our weapons have pig in them. Once aware of this, a Muslim terrorist would be committing a sin if he puts himself in a position to be shot or blown up with modern firearms or explosives.

Just a weird, tongue-in-cheek observation… sometimes my mind goes in odd directions.


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2 Responses to How About That?

  1. Did you also know: That back several years ago, when the Israelis had a problem of Palestinian suicide bombers blowing up public buses, planted bags of pig parts and blood on the buses. They also announced the fact. Suddenly, no more buses blown up.


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