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A Thought

As a Christian, I believe that I will live forever (after I die). Maybe we’re here on this earth to learn patience. Somebody that lives forever is going to need a lot of patience. -Popgun Advertisements

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You’ve Got the Mop, Doggone It!

Hey Obama – you’ve got the mop. You asked for it, and you’ve got it. Just because some of the mess on the floor wasn’t put there by you, doesn’t mean you have any right to complain about it. You … Continue reading

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Went to See Zombieland Last Night

Last night was Pokeno night for the ladies, so the guys (three members of the Silver Horde) bunched up and went to see Zombieland. It’s definitely rated R for gore, violence and cussing. It was extremely funny, though. We all … Continue reading

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