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New Fundamental Scientific Law

We’ll call this one Popgun’s Law. The amount of fun in a lifetime is fixed. You only get a certain amount, and when it’s gone, you die. Restated, The rate of consumption of fun is inversely proportional to projected lifespan. … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Conspiracy Theorist

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, believe me. But this is a bit spooky, and you can check it yourself. I found out about it on Fox News, here. Go to Google. If you type a search term in the search … Continue reading

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Broken Dreams

It’s the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one. I used to look forward to this, thinking of the new things I hoped to see in the future. Now-a-days, I look back, and think of all … Continue reading

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I wonder…

I wonder if the reason so many people like the idea of Sarah Palin as the next President is because she’s not your standard politician. After all, when you think about Sarah Palin, you don’t think ‘liar’, or ‘crook’, or … Continue reading

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Just a Point

Those climatologists would not have needed to fudge the results if they were getting the results they wanted. The very fact that they felt the need to fudge the data is proof that manmade global warming is unsupported by the … Continue reading

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Obama Doesn’t Get It

Obama does not seem to understand one fundamental fact: Wealth is produced by creative people who take raw materials (ultimately) and add value by applying knowledge and skill to create products that other people want. Government produces nothing. Government does … Continue reading

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What Are They Up To?

Warning: This article is an opinion piece. Use your own judgement. What are they up to, really? Obama, Pelosi and Reid, among many others. Far left radicals, all. I’ve seen a lot of people online asking the question “Why isn’t … Continue reading

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