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Can We Pay For It?

I was watching the news this evening, and the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson made clear that their goal is to raise the cost of carbon-producing energy (by imposing taxes) until the alternative energy sources can compete economically. Here’s the problem … Continue reading

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Obama Doesn’t Get It

Obama does not seem to understand one fundamental fact: Wealth is produced by creative people who take raw materials (ultimately) and add value by applying knowledge and skill to create products that other people want. Government produces nothing. Government does … Continue reading

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Climategate and U.S. Policy

It is an absolute travesty that the people who govern our nation and make the decisions so often do so on the basis of bad information. Even the news media that should be reporting the news, suppresses information that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Tobacco Tax

All you folks who voted for Obama, smoke, and make less than $250,000 a year – remember: The new tobacco tax that you will have to pay starting today is a broken promise of Barack Obama. ADDENDUM: Obama said, in … Continue reading

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TAX, Revisited

They’re working up to voting on this even as I write this. See my previous article on taxes. Some of this is covered there. A 3.6 Trillion Dollar Budget. With an anticipated 1 Trillion Dollar DEFICIT each year for the … Continue reading

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This is Just Unbelievable

There has GOT to be something weird going on. Regarding the previous post about Veteran’s Benefits; Obama can’t possibly be that stupid. This will hurt his popularity terribly. It may also cause potential military people to re-think whether they want … Continue reading

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I Don’t Smoke

I don’t smoke, thank God. But for those of you who do, be aware that the tax on a pack of cigarettes is going up 62 cents per pack on March 31, 2009. Other tobacco products will suffer a similar … Continue reading

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