You Didn’t Build That?

“You didn’t build that!”, Obama said, in a fit of honesty. Every once in a while his mouth gets ahead of his brain and he tells us what he really believes.

The very best thing you can say about his statement is that his head is in the clouds so much that he doesn’t understand the reality of anything!

It is incredibly offensive to so denigrate the years of hard work of anybody that has ever done anything with their life!

He directed this comment to business, but if he thinks it is true of business, then he certainly thinks it is true of personal property. I’ve got a home that I have spent 40 years purchasing, building on, and improving. What absolute arrogance to suggest that I didn’t do this! Because it sure as heck was not just given to me. And I could not have done it without – business.

Obama has demonstrated that he really would like a world where all we have is what the government gives us. That’s his perfect world!

What a fool he is!


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