Officials in at least three cities, including Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, are trying to block Chic-fil-A from opening restaurants in their towns, because Chic-fil-A does not support gay marriage.

This constitutes religious persecution by the government.

Since when, in the U.S.A., do we give our government authority to shut down businesses because of their owner’s religious views??? Gee, I must have missed the memo!

As a matter of fact, Chick-fil-A does NOT discriminate against gay folks or anybody else – they’ll sell food to anybody with money, and never ask you your sexual orientation, race, gender, or political position.

So what, if the owners happen to be Christians? I kind of like that, myself – if nothing else, it means I’m less likely to get cheated at the cash register. And if the owners support Christian causes, that is their business and nobody else’s. If you don’t like them, for whatever reason, go somewhere else to eat! Vote with your feet!

The deception here is that the GLBT community wants you to believe that Chic-fil-A is forcing their views on other people – something they are NOT doing. I would have a problem with that, myself, if I thought they were. Christians have no more right to force their views on others than anybody else.

However, the GLBT community IS trying to force THEIR views on everybody else. And their tactics stink. The GLBT community has been outvoted in most places; they constitute around 2% of the population, and they need to get over it. They act like a two year old stomping his foot because he doesn’t get his way. They want to appear to be victims, so they’ll get the sympathy vote; a typical liberal strategy.

A month or so ago, some GLBT “representatives” visited the White House, and were photographed flipping off the portrait of President Ronald Reagan. Since I happen to respect Reagan, this did not endear me to these folks. This tactic is not only disrespectful, it is stupid. It makes enemies of people who were not your enemies, before – and gains you nothing at all. Idiots.

I don’t particularly have anything against gay or lesbians folks – I know a few, and those particular individuals are fine people. What I object to is the general GLBT community’s tendency to get in everybody else’s face and try to demonize everyone who does not believe the same way they do.

A word of advice: The GLBT community will achieve their goals a whole lot sooner if they try to make friends of those who disagree with them; or, failing that, at least earn some respect by acting like adults and treating others respectfully whenever possible. Pissing off your opponents is poor strategy, unless you have them outnumbered and outgunned. Obnoxious behavior deserves to be slapped down.

Message to the Gay-Lesbian community: Leave me alone. And I’ll return the favor. On the other hand, push me, and I will push back. I don’t like being pushed, and at least some of you folks are pushy.


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  1. TheOtherLarry says:

    Amen, Popgun! My sentiments exactly.

    btw: I had lunch at Chic-fil-A today.

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