Gays Flip Off President Reagan

A group of representatives of the gay community were invited to the White House by Obama. They were photographed flipping off a portrait of President Reagan – an act they seemed to be proud of.

This is pretty odd behavior for a group that really desires universal acceptance. They are not going to make any new friends with that kind of behavior. Nor will they earn any respect, from anybody. Even if you don’t like somebody, flipping them off is so – seventh grade. Are these the best “representatives” the gay community can come up with?

For instance, I personally strongly disagree with almost everything President Obama has done, and I trust him not at all. Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is NOT the President of ALL the people, but only those who agree with him. Obama has personally insulted my belief in my God, my Bible, and my guns; so I have good reasons to dislike the man, even aside from his job-crushing and foolish economic policies. Obama has done nothing to earn my respect.

But, while I wouldn’t bother to walk across the street to see him, I wouldn’t flip him off, either. Childish.

Are there any adults in the White House?


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