Evil Flees the Light

It seems clear enough, to me: Attorney General Eric Holder has something to hide, and President Obama is protecting him. I can see no other reason for Holder’s obstructionism regarding “Fast and Furious”, and Obama’s willingness to use executive privilege.

It must be something pretty major, for Obama to take this action at this time.

This makes Holder and Obama both look as guilty as sin. Both of them, because clearly Obama would not have done this unless he knew what is in those records.

And here it is a few months before the election. This is a major embarrassment for Obama, because it is so obvious that he is hiding something incriminating.

Only evil flees the light….


ADDENDUM: Tamara, over at View From the Porch, has another possible reason for the cover-up that I had not considered…. I wish I’d thought of it.

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