Union Bail Outs

I’ll refer you to Bayou Renaissance Man for the rest of his excellent article, but here is a quote from one of his sources:

Instead, President Obama gave over $26 billion to the UAW — more money than the U.S spent on foreign aid last year and 50% more than NASA’s budget. None of that money kept factories running. Instead it sustained the above-average compensation of members of an influential union, sparing them from most of the sacrifices typically made in bankruptcy. Such spending does not serve the common good. President Obama did not bail out the auto industry. He bailed out the United Auto Workers

Emphasis mine. There’s your proof of Obama’s priorities. It makes my blood boil.

Really, go read Peter’s article, over at Bayou Renaissance Man, who deserves kudos for doing the research. There is lots more there.

– Popgun

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