Types of Issues

It occurs to me that there are two fundamental types of issues in play in the games of politics.

The most common is an issue that is largely a matter of passion. For instance, I personally am pro-life, and I view abortion as the same as murder. I am also pro-gun, and believe that if the criminals can get a weapon, I should be able to get the equivalent, for the purpose of self defense.

Those types of issues are personally important, but the country will likely survive as we continue to waffle back and forth on them.

The other type of issue is kind of like gravity: it exists, so get over it. There are two sides to this issue, too; sanity, and insanity.

For instance, there is this issue of whether we want to be a socialist country, which takes care of people cradle to grave (and controls them!) just like good cattle; or whether we want to be a personally free country again, which requires free-market capitalism; but which does allow for the possibility of individual or corporate failure.

Now, free stuff from the government is all well and good. I’d be in favor of it myself, except for one thing; I don’t see how it can work economically.

This is a big deal, to paraphrase Joe Biden. Liberal and socialist policies simply do not make economic sense, long term.

As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. And the proof of this is the incredible deficits and debt we have – in excess of $15 trillion, last time I checked. Because the liberals didn’t stop when they ran out of other people’s money.

I have asked liberals to explain how they expect this to continue, and I have never received an answer. Because they don’t have one. Not a single liberal has ever explained to me a plan for all this socialist crap to continue. I’d really like to hear it.

If we could just wave Obama’s magic unicorn wand and give everybody free stuff, I’d be in favor of it, too. But it doesn’t work that way. And the liberals cannot explain how it will work. Not long term. Because, you can’t fool Mother Nature. Eventually, the house of cards will fall down – and a vast number of people will be hurt in the collapse.

Socialism requires slave labor to function, in the long run; because if I can get by without working, why should I? So to get goods and services for free, somebody has to give them up – for free. That’s slavery, folks.

So, here we are watching the European Union implode economically because of liberal / socialist policies. Over there, those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living.

Do you think the liberal / progressive / socialists will learn anything from this?

I doubt it. They’re going to ride that horse until it dies.


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