You know, when we go on vacation, we have to pay for it ourselves; the gas, the meals, the lodging, whatever fun we decide to have – we have to pay for it. And it’s getting harder to do, all the time.

I’m full-time employed, and I can just about afford to take a driving trip about once a year – and that is a real strain on our budget. I should mention here that we, unlike the federal government, have a budget.

There are a heck of a lot of people out there right now that are doing well to put food on the table, much less get to go on vacation. And a lot of the reason for that is sitting around the breakfast table at the White House.

In the three years since President Obama has taken office, the Obamas, together or separately, have taken sixteen (16) vacations. [1] So they average a bit over five vacations a year. [2]

Who pays for their vacations? We taxpayers, that’s who!

Their Christmas vacation in Hawaii alone cost around $4,000,000. I’ve seen estimates exceeding $10,000,000 for all the vacations together, but it could easily exceed that number by quite a bit.

The people I work for do not pay for my vacations. And I don’t think the people Obama works for should pay for his family’s vacations, either. He gets a salary just like I do – let him use it!

In point of fact, I think this policy should apply to every President. But the Obama family has been having a high and mighty time, while the rest of us are trying to keep the economy alive – and while we pay for their fun.

This makes me so mad I could spit!


[1] References here, here, and here. Do your own research, it’s easy to find.

[2] For you liberal hard-left environmentalists that voted for Obama, I’d like to point out that Air Force 1 doesn’t run on batteries. Like Al Gore with his home that uses 12 times the electricity most homes do, Obama’s commitment to reducing fossil fuel usage is extreme – as long as it doesn’t apply to him!

P.S. While we’re at it, I think Obama – and every president – should d$%m well pay for his own campaign expenses, too!

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