We STILL Don’t Know for Sure

UPDATED: It looks like I was spoofed. Snopes has the clarification. My apologies.

Up until now, I have been pretty well convinced that Obama met the legal requirements to become President of the United States.  After all, I reasoned, if there was a problem there to be found, Hillary Clinton would surely have found it in the 2008 campaign.  Since there were also some good indications that Obama was in fact a legal citizen, I just didn’t worry about it.  During all of this “Birther” nonsense, I’ve dismissed it as nonsense.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Obama’s officially released birth certificate has been admitted to be a forgery.  By Obama’s lawyer.  This appears to be legitimate.  I’ve checked as best I can to see if it is a hoax, and I don’t think it is one.

So, it appears that the Obama administration did in fact release a forged birth certificate for Obama.  Why would they have done that?

I cannot think of ANY good reason to release a forgery, other than that:

  1. Obama cannot produce his own, original birth certificate; or,
  2. There is something on his birth certificate he does not want us to know, of such magnitude that it would create MORE problems for him than releasing a forgery and getting caught.

What would that sort of a problem be? I will not speculate here. It is an interesting question, though, isn’t it?

I will note that, if all this is true, it still does not prove that Obama is not eligible to be President. The fact is, we still don’t know.

One thing is certain, though. We’ve been lied to – again.

->>> This time, apparently by some clever but dishonest “birthers”.

– Popgun

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2 Responses to We STILL Don’t Know for Sure

  1. Crotalus says:

    He’s not an American citizen. From the get-go, he has cheated and defied the Constitution. He is a traitor and an enemy.

  2. Crotalus says:

    Damn! I was so hoping…

    He’s still not American at heart, and is still a traitor and enemy.

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