Global Climate Change

For those who “believe” the science is settled on global warming, here is proof that it is not.

If you hear someone use the word “believer” or “non-believer” or any variation, in reference to any true science, it is a key give-away that science is not involved, or is being intentionally distorted. Being a skeptic is an honored thing, in real science. The watch-word is “proof”.

Science does not involve “belief”. Science is based on facts. If the science was truly settled on global warming, there would be no real dissent.

Even Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu said that “there are “bumps and wiggles” that are not understood” about climate change.

Respectfully, Mr. Chu, if you don’t understand the bumps and wiggles, what the hell are you doing using your admittedly flawed understanding to set the energy policy of this nation?


ADDENDUM 4/17/2012: John Lott points out that the scientists pushing man-made global warming use models based on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – and their computer models cannot even predict the past, much less the future. This strongly indicates that their predictive power is nil.


Footnote: I have recently noticed a rash of articles, statements on TV, and even a new movie starring Matt Damon, putting forth the idea that “fracking” is harmful to the environment. I would like to point out that there is not one shred of evidence to date, that this is so.

Of course, the truth – and science – never gets in the way of an environmentalist. If they don’t like the answers, they just make up their own.

I sure wish we’d get some rational upper management.

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