And So It Begins

Let’s put the blame where it belongs – on the liberal left news media in this country, and also on some specific people who promote racism for personal gain. They are largely to blame for all racial violence in this country.

John Lott brings together some related stories here that make this clear.

The liberal left news media twists the truth even when the truth is known; in the case of Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman, NBC news modified the 911 tape to create the appearance of racial profiling. They misled the public in a big way. They got their story, then fired the scapegoat editor that they claim did the editing. Either they are so unprofessional that they did not fact-check their story, or they lied to the public. Either way, NBC is not fit to watch.

The law of GIGO applies: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The liberal news media, and the race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, all profit by fanning the flames of racism.

It seems likely that they are at least partly responsible for the attack on Dallas Watts, a 78-year-old man from East Toledo, an incident in one of the articles linked to by John Lott. There may be other such incidents.

It is almost as if the liberal news media wants a race war. Gee, I guess that would drive up ratings, wouldn’t it? But surely, it can’t be that simple. It seems insane; what do they want?

In the meantime, what should you do, to protect yourself and your family?

Get a gun and learn to use it. Get licensed so you can legally carry it in public. Carry it in such a way that you can reach it in a hurry. Pray that you never have to use it. Emphasize safety.

Work on improving your situational awareness. Use common sense to avoid being places where trouble may occur. Park in well-lighted areas. Be aware that the cameras on top of Walmart will NOT protect you – they only (maybe) help with the aftermath.

Profile. This has lots of liberal baggage with it, but still; if you’re concerned about people with a racial axe to grind, it makes perfect sense to be more aware of members of races different than yours. Look for trouble where trouble is most likely to manifest. This does not mean that you should forget that danger can come from people of your own race. Think of profiling as a part of situational awareness. I wrote an article about profiling, if you are interested.

And, as regards profiling, and race violence, lets face it – it is the blacks who are being incited to violence, not the whites or hispanics. If a race war starts, it will, most likely, be started by blacks. We should be aware that it is not really their fault, they’ve been manipulated big-time by the media and the race-baiters. But if anyone initiates violence, we are entitled to defend ourselves, individually.

Understand that I do NOT condone retaliation. Retaliation is for the legal system, and God. The only moral use of lethal force is self defense. (Or in defense of our country, or in defense against a government that has become tyrannical. Notice the use of the key word “defense”.)

I do promote legal self defense if you or your family are attacked. The law applies. In Texas, getting a concealed handgun license requires you to take a course that explains clearly the limits of when and where you can legally defend yourself.

The principal of legal self defense, and the right to bear arms , is the only real deterrent to racial violence, just as it is to any other kind of violence. People that start fights generally pick on somebody they think can’t fight back, which is why those black kids targeted the 78 year old Dallas Watts.

If enough people can fight back, violence decreases. Out here where I live, there are probably one or two state troopers within 15 or 20 miles, but I can guarantee you that we, and every single one of our neighbors, is armed. Out here, you mostly don’t have time to call 911 until it’s all over. As they say, “when seconds count, the law is only minutes away”. In Texas, about one in 40 people that is legally eligible to get a concealed handgun license, have one, and that ratio is growing by the day.

The times are getting rougher. In spite of what the government says, there are more people unemployed now then there were when Obama took office, and unemployment benefits are running out. There are people and organizations that appear to be openly instigating race war. We have a hard-left President who divides the nation. There is the constant threat of economic catastrophe, which the Obama administration has, with amazing enthusiasm, made far worse. Inflation is ramping up.

The times are more dangerous than they used to be, and it is getting worse. Get prepared.


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