Mowing, Again

Yesterday, I mowed the yard. We have two acres, all of which I mow except where obstructions exist.

It cost $9.55 in gasoline to mow my yard. Ridiculous. This does not make me happy. Along about the time Obama was inaugurated, it was about half that.

Texas Grandma and I spend about $3200 a year in fuel to get to work and back every day, at today’s rates. That does not include any other destinations – just to work and back. Along about the day Obama was inaugurated, that number was around $1600 a year.

President Obama, counting the cost of mowing, you have cost me personally around $1900 a year in additional fuel costs alone. This is the direct result of your anti-fossil-fuel agenda, minimizing drilling, moratoriums here and there, stopping the building of pipelines, and your red-tape government style.

And that is the way it is right now. I don’t expect it will get better until we get rid of you.

Thank you so much, President Obama, for all you have done for us! I really love paying two prices for fuel to get to work and to mow my yard. (That is sarcasm, for the dense).

So far, I can afford it. I guess the yard is optional in the end, but I have to be able to get to work.

You and your appointed officials have made it crystal clear that you want higher gas prices, so your $40,000 entry-level flaming Volt will start to look good, even to people like me.

It is crystal clear that you don’t care how many people are economically hurt; you don’t care how many people that can marginally afford to drive to work now, but may not be able to under these changed conditions. To you, all these people are just collateral damage to bringing your “hope and change”.

Of course, you wouldn’t know about the “pain at the pump”. You’ve spent most of your life living where there are subways and trains, and yards are tiny, and parks are maintained by the city. You’re a Chicago city boy, and this colors your thinking.

Most of us don’t live in those places, though. And, we vote.

And nowadays you most certainly don’t pump your own gas, nor pay for it. We do. And, again, we vote.

I hope you think about this some, on your next $15,000,000 Hawaii vacation that we paid for. But I doubt it.

Because you don’t care.


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  1. Crotalus says:

    My son showed me this on Facebook: “There is a name for a government that believes it can do whatever it wants: Enemy.”

    I am SO stealing it!

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