Everybody Needs to Calm Down!

O.K., everybody, let’s just calm down.

First, we have Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of a white man. It seems that every black person with a chip on his shoulder has come out of the woodwork and shouted “racism!”. In spite of the fact that there is no evidence of racism whatever (available to the public, anyhow), other than that Trayvon Martin was black, and George Zimmerman is not.

Folks, if you can’t read minds, you don’t know if racism was a factor or not. Zimmerman made no racist comments, at least on the recordings I’ve heard.

I won’t argue the merits of that case, either way; I was not there, and all the information I have about it came from the TV and the web. I realize that I don’t really know enough about what happened to have an informed opinion. So I won’t judge.

Instead, I’m expressing my opinion of all those racists who are hollering “racism!”

All those people yammering about racism in this case don’t know the truth about what happened, any more than I do. But they don’t let that stop them. The loudest voices, in this case, have an agenda. Like Rev. Al Sharpton, and those of his ilk, who have a vested interest in racism, as long as they can keep it alive. And, certain news media also profit by it.

It is interesting to me that this case achieved national recognition, and yet the several cases discussed here and here did not. Black teens pouring gasoline on a younger white boy, and setting him on fire! Among other examples. In these cases, there actually was an obvious and clear racist motivation.

Oh, but in these cases, the victims were white, and the racists were black.

I wonder why Obama didn’t comment on those cases…

I wonder why the liberal national “news” media didn’t make a big deal about those cases.

I wonder why Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, resists prosecuting cases of racism when the victim is white?

Certain black people, among them Obama and Holder, apparently think that racism is only racism if the victim is black. It is a real tragedy that the victims of past racism cannot seem to rise above that level. They’ve gone through racism, come out the other side, and have become what they hate.

Folks, what needs to happen is that we – all of us – need to quit listening to those who want to drum up race hatred. Jesus never taught hatred, not even of those who betrayed Him.

Al Sharpton, Obama’s Reverend Wright, Jessie Jackson, and all those who teach Black Liberation Theology – pastors all – profit by promoting racism. And they have the blood of innocents on their hands. They are rabble-rousers, riot instigators, hate crime creators – and they are racist, by their actions.

We need to turn away from all such hate-mongers. If you truly want racism and bigotry to stop, you will not achieve that goal by listening to those people who profit or gain power by promoting it.

We need to consciously decide not to go there any more. If you hate black folks just because they are black – you are wrong. If you hate white folks just because they are white – you are just as wrong. If you hate anybody because of what they are – black, white, yellow, Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever – you are bigoted.

Jesus never taught hatred – no matter what your preacher tells you.


ADDENDUM April 7, 2012: Bayou Renaissance Man has a good article about racism here.

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