Liberal Justice vs the Real World

What follows is probably the most clear synopsis of why the liberal notion of justice is so screwed up:

This is a quote of a quote: I’m quoting from Bayou Renaissance Man, where I found this quote from Lawrence Auster, which struck me with it’s clarity and conciseness:

“The problem can perhaps be better understood by considering how the leftist view of justice departs from the traditional Western view of justice. Traditional morality and classical philosophy define justice as giving each person his due, with equals getting equal results and unequals getting unequal results. Leftism, as we have said, defines justice as the guaranteed equality of outcome between individuals of unequal abilities and accomplishments. But equality between unequals cannot be just (because it involves the expropriation of the justly earned fruits of more talented labor) and is incompatible with liberty (because it requires force to achieve). To give the same to everyone requires that undeserved disadvantages be imposed on the more productive and therefore “better off” individuals and that undeserved benefits be provided to the less productive and therefore “worse off” individuals.” -Lawrence Auster

That statement clarifies concisely why I dislike Obama and all of his policies. His end goal is redistribution of wealth, which he sees as doing good for poor people; but which cannot be achieved without taking that wealth from those who earned it, by force. Enforcement of this in turn requires a strong state with dictatorial tendencies, which Obama is creating, one executive order at a time.

If you don’t think the government takes your wealth by force, look again – if you persist in not paying your taxes, eventually they will come get you; and the folks who come to get you will have guns.

This also explains clearly why Obama is anti-capitalism. Capitalism, by its very nature, requires a level playing field to function properly. That level playing field means equal opportunity – it does not guarantee equal results. That means that some talented people will be good at it, and achieve much; and others will not. This matches up with natural law very well; in the animal kingdom, the strong and smart generally live better and longer than the dull and weak. That is the natural order of things.

Every economic disaster the world has ever seen has been the result of a government monkeying around with the natural order of pure capitalism. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature…

The current economic problems are the direct result of people with Obama’s mindset trying to take wealth that doesn’t belong to them and give it to people who did not earn it. Government programs that required lending institutions to make unsafe loans to people buying houses that could not afford them was one of the major causes of our current economic woes. Government programs paying for the medical expenses of people who cannot afford them are the largest single expense leading to the incredible level of federal debt we now face.

Doing more of the same to try to correct the problem is way past simple idiocy. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is one definition of insanity.

Unfortunately, all Obama has in his toolbox is more of the same. All the bailouts and redistribution may even appear to be working for a while; but it will eventually fail when we run out of countries that are willing to loan us money. That day is coming, soon.

I would recommend you read “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal” by Ayn Rand. Liberals hate her guts, because she speaks the truth. However, her essay in this book, “What is Capitalism” is the most clear, logical treatise on the subject I have ever read. Her logic is impeccable in this area.

Liberals hate this because they don’t want the world to work this way. But the world does work this way, and it always will. Failure to understand this simple truth is what makes liberals so unsuited to survive in the real world – they require socialism in order to survive. Unfortunately for them, as Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

And, here we go: the entire world is almost out of other people’s money. Get out the lawn chairs and the popcorn, it’s going to be quite a show.


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3 Responses to Liberal Justice vs the Real World

  1. Crotalus says:

    Perhaps a more laconic version would be that the left really want us to be equally poor.

    • Popgun says:

      Hi, Crotalus;

      I think “equally poor” is what they are going to achieve, if they pull it off. But I think they believe it’s going to be utopia. The only problem with that is – who pays for it? Ultimately, that is the question the liberals cannot answer and do not account for in their plans.

      Some of them are in it purely for the power, of course. For liberals to achieve that utopia, they must have total control, and they are striving to get it.


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