People – especially so-called “entertainers” – who call other people vulgar names or make crass, obscene, and untrue comments about them do not deserve our respect, nor do they deserve our ear.

Such filth demonstrates a lack of ability to produce anything of worth.

We should give them what their behavior warrants; we should turn away from them, and refuse to listen to them any more.

No matter who they are, or which side of the political spectrum they inhabit.

After a while, perhaps they will take the hint. Or maybe not; it won’t matter to me, because they’ve lost my attention.

That is all.

– Popgun


1. I personally do not listen to either Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh. Or David Letterman, or any number of other people, for that matter. Do you know, I haven’t missed it even a bit.

2. The same is true of anyone who denigrates another’s religion. If that fellow across the street believes in the Holy Purple Spotted Duck God of Mars, that’s his business – not yours. And you can’t prove that he isn’t right! As long as he stays out of your face, leave him be.

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One Response to Respect

  1. Crotalus says:

    I absolutely despise Bill Maher, but I also take Rush with a grain of salt; he’s not exactly a constitutionalist, either.

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