Obama’s Energy Plan – FAIL

Obama is pushing alternative energy instead of oil, for ideological reasons. It will not work at this point in history, because the alternatives cost more than the average person can afford, plain and simple.

Here’s the proof:

GM suspending Chevy Volt production due to low demand

Obama pushed the Volt, really hard. In fact, a case can be made that every Volt sold costs taxpayers a couple of hundred thousand bucks. But even with massive subsidies, it can’t compete with gasoline powered vehicles, which have a mature technology for which the support and manufacturing infrastructure exists.

The Volt costs about $40,000 (to the buyer). Sure, it saves on gas; but it costs twice as much as the equivalents. I bought a pretty nice truck for $23,000; I can buy a lot of gas for the cost difference. That’s the way average people see the Volt.

The Volt is only one example. There are many more.

Think Solyndra, the solar panel company that the government gave half a billion dollars to, and which went bankrupt recently.

Think Beacon Power, likewise. Received $26 million in grants, $43 million in loan guarantees. Bankrupt.

Think Ener1, the electric car battery maker. Bankrupt. $118 million in grants.

Think EverGreen Solar, another government-backed solar panel company. Bankrupt.

This list is the result of just a few minutes poking around on the net. There are many more. These companies did not go bankrupt because the government helped them (with our tax dollars), but in spite of it.

Green” energy cannot compete economically. Until it can, it is a poor investment. Obviously.

Yet, the Obama administration wants to ram it down our throats – just like health care. Whether the price of gasoline is being manipulated or not, this administration likes higher gasoline prices, because they make green energy look more palatable. They said so!

If they could pull it off, the Obama administration would mandate that we all transition to “green” vehicles. Just as they are trying to establish the precedent by mandating that we buy health insurance. Once that precedent is set, there is no turning back. Obama & Company want us to move to green energy for vehicles and power.

He’s already using the EPA to shut down as many as 68 coal-fired power plants, putting thousands out of work and damaging the robustness of the power grid. He has stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, again at the cost of thousands of jobs. Do you think he will balk at forcing us to buy expensive electric vehicles that don’t make economic sense?

After all, it’s “For our own good”. Eat your veggies, now! And that is how the left thinks.


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One Response to Obama’s Energy Plan – FAIL

  1. Crotalus says:

    If Obomination wants us in the Volt, why is he shutting down coal plants? Doesn’t he know that the Volt is ultimately coal-powered?

    The truth is, he wants under control, and what better way than to put us al on foot? All the better to round us up for the FEMA camps.

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