Gas Prices

Obama is asserting that high gas prices are not his fault, even though it is exactly what he wanted to happen, in order to cause an economic pressure to move to alternate energy.

Look at what he has done, rather than what he says. Every energy-related policy of Obama’s has been against domestic production of oil and gas.

The problem for the environmentalists is, alternative energy can’t compete economically. So since the environmentalists couldn’t get the price of alternate energy down to competitive levels, they want to raise the price of gasoline to compensate.

No matter who gets hurt.

You can see a telling video here, showing exactly how much pain that Obama and the Democrats (and environmentalists) would let us be in, if they could get away with it. They set the bar at $10 a gallon for gasoline…

Obama’s environmentalist agenda would hit your electric bill, too, if he could pull it off – which, so far, he hasn’t. In his own words, before the 2008 election. This is a telling look at what Obama is willing to do to you, and me, and anybody else that pays bills.

Obama’s energy policy is crystal clear – screw the public, because he thinks he might be saving the environment.

I’m not against saving the planet, by any means; but there is a way to do it without destroying the economy of the United States, and Obama’s way is not it.


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  1. Crotalus says:

    Nascar taught me well: I draft on my way to work and back, or I would have to quit the only job I could find in this ruined economy.

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