Obama Stomps on the Constitution – Again

Now, this is downright frightening. Link to Wikipedia article about the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012”, which Obama signed into law December 31, 2011 – a date probably chosen to draw the minimum amount of interest in the news media.

The scary part is that this act authorizes the government to lock up anyone who – in their opinion – is a terrorist, U.S. citizen or not, on American soil or not – indefinitely and without legal recourse. No phone call, no lawyer, no due process, no communication.

The article says it provides for the “indefinite detention without trial [of] American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantánamo Bay”.

So much for the Bill of Rights, or the rest of the Constitution.

This is especially scary when you consider just exactly who this administration thinks is, or might be, a terrorist. Here is an earlier blog post of mine regarding a memo on this subject that Janet Napolitano released. This memo embarrassed Napolitano, and was withdrawn – but I very much doubt that withdrawing it changed the viewpoints of Napolitano and the DHS.

According to that memo, you may be suspected of terrorism if you:

  • Stockpiled ammunition “in anticipation of restrictions and bans”. (I wonder if a couple thousand rounds of pistol ammo is a “stockpile”).
  • Are opposed to abortion.
  • Are a veteran.
  • Would prefer less intrusive, smaller government.
  • Have noticed that a lot of people are losing their jobs.
  • If you worry about a “cataclysmic economic collapse”.
  • Don’t want “restrictions on firearms ownership and use”.
  • Don’t much care for Obama’s “perceived stance on a range of issues”.
  • Are a Christian, and believe in Biblical prophecy. (Yes, that’s in the report).
  • Are against illegal immigration.
  • If you are against same-sex marriage.
  • Are against any firearm registration requirement.
  • Thought the “District of Columbia vs Heller” Supreme Court decision was a good thing.
  • If you fear “suspension of the U.S. Constitution” – SEE ABOVE
  • and more.

If you don’t believe the above, you can read the original memo here – it’s a PDF file.

Now, I live in East Texas. If the above is your criteria for potential terrorist, you could probably get 90% of the population of the entire region on at least several of these. Shucks, you could get most of the NRA membership, and most of the Tea Party, and many more.

Heck; here in the South, most of these items are considered signs of good citizenship!

As it happens, I meet almost all of these criteria (I’m not a veteran); but I am most emphatically not a terrorist. I am a peaceable man, who believes that we urgently need to vote the present administration out, and reinstate constitutional government – which no longer exists, as things stand.

If the government can lock you up and throw away the key, without legal recourse, and based on the opinion of some bureaucrat who has decided that you meet his definition of “terrorist”, then we no longer have a constitutional government.

I urge you to vote for a constitutional government in November!

While you still can.


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6 Responses to Obama Stomps on the Constitution – Again

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  2. Crotalus says:

    We are not being offered the choice of a constitutional government. Our only choices now are slavery or war.

    • popgun says:

      I hope it’s not too late to change things peaceably. I am encouraged because of the numbers of people who are becoming aware of the threat. I would much rather see progress being made by voting than any other method.

      I guess we’ll probably live to see how it’s going to go.


      • Crotalus says:

        I hope so, too, Popgun, but I don’t have much faith in the voters anymore. Far too few would even recognize the Constitution if they saw it, let alone actually understand it. Maybe many people are becoming aware, but neither major party is offering that kind of candidate.

  3. Paul Hinman says:

    I get so tired of references to the right wing seament of society as ‘Nazi’s, terrorists, and warmongers, this is especially distastful if those making the accusations are acting precisely in that manner. I sub at the local high school and I am in the process of learning history for the first time. Has no one noticed the similarity between the current Commander in Chief and those of a certain German counterpart in the early 30’s whose first attempt to upstage the government landed him in jail? The second time around, he gathered a large following preaching hatred of a fabricated enemy (the Jews), and simultaniously forming a small army of ‘Brown Shirts’ who made a show of force during his next attempt, and they basically handed him the political power he needed to become the most hated man in history.

  4. Paul Hinman says:

    I can not help but see a similarity between these two. This time the fabricated enemy is anyone that they volitionally decide is a ‘right wing extremist’ (AKA Christian conservatives). We have a President who has shown himself to be an opportunistic, pragmatic, selfserving, egotist, who does not honor his oath of office, the Constitution, or the two branches of government he is supposed to share power with. His eagerness to issue executive orders to accomplish his agenda is exceeded only be his eagerness to silence any opposition by intimidation, cohersion, or inuendos,
    If a preexisting law has been passed through proper legal chanels that doesn’t suit his agenda, he simply issues an order to those agencies not to enforce that law. (Can you spell DOMA?)

    If there is a God above (which there is), and conservative Chrictians have access to Him through prayer (which we do), and we don’t bombard the gates of heaven for deliverence from this
    wanna-be-king, then we deserve to be downgraded to third world status (which we will be), and see our national sovreignty signed over the the Europian Union (which he will most definately do).
    God Help Us !!

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