King Obama

What do you call a President who no longer governs with respect for the law or the Constitution which mandates his powers?

Obama has abandoned or bypassed the entire concept of “checks and balances” inherent in the “separation of powers”; since he has ignored the notion that he needs the approval of the Congress to do certain things; I have to wonder, where will it stop?

A long time ago, our ancestors set up our government so that there could be no King. A fundamental principle of our government is the concept of limitation of powers. This is why so much of the Constitution details what the government cannot do, rather than what it can do.

Obama has tried to throw most of that out the window.

It is my considered opinion that if Obama could pull it off, he would become King and would rule (rather than govern), by fiat and mandate.

The signs are all there. At every turn, he has used “czars” that do not have to answer to Congress. He has issued “signing statements” that abrogate the meaning of laws, even as he signed them into law. He has abused due process by making recess appointments to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, when the Senate was not in recess; which clearly violates the Constitution. His Attorney General refuses to prosecute cases of racial prejudice unless the victim is black – even in the case of obvious voter intimidation. Obama picks and chooses which laws he wishes to enforce (i.e. illegal immigration). There are many, many cases of Constitutional abuse by this administration.

Google “obama skirts the constitution” and you get 1.23 million hits.

Although he hasn’t made any overt moves, there are a number of signs that Obama would like to eliminate gun ownership by citizens in the United States. Folks, if he ever pulls that one off, we are no longer a democracy, because the government would have all the guns. There is evidence that “Fast and Furious” was actually an attempt to bring this about, or at least take steps in that direction.

When the President can ignore the law of the land, and the very Constitution upon which it is based, he is not a President any more. He’s a banana republic dictator.

Vote against King Obama in November. America don’t need no stinking king.

We had one a long time ago, and went to a lot of trouble to kick him out.


ADDENDUM: I just found this excellent article on this same subject over on John Lott’s blog.

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