Obama’s Strategy

They are saying that Obama intends to push the idea that Congress is the problem, rather than himself. That is the strategy that he is using in the 2012 campaign, first against Congress, then against whoever the Republican candidate will be.

I don’t think that message will be effective in swaying those who actually read.

But it might work on Obama’s followers.

I don’t think too highly of Congress, at present, but let’s face it: they are “dysfunctional” only because conservatives are trying to hold the line against the wave of radical liberalism ushered in by Obama’s 2008 victory.

In short, Obama hasn’t got a totally free hand only because conservatives have resisted him at every turn. And this is a GOOD thing.

If Obama did have a free hand, and a Congress that rubber-stamped whatever he wanted, we would be moving even more rapidly towards a state in which few people earn a living, most people are on welfare of some sort, and the country’s debt would be much, much higher.

Even as it is, Obama has made much too much progress along those lines.

Obama is already asking for yet another increase in the debt ceiling. The last increase was just last August. I don’t see much reduction in debt, there.

The thing I consistently fail to understand is this: How can the liberals, including Obama, fail to understand that their policies (especially economic) will inevitably result in the collapse of the economy and poverty for everyone?

If they succeed, this country will soon be in the same situation as Greece; but it won’t be as pretty, because there won’t be anybody around to bail us out.

From where I sit, it looks to me like Obama and the rest of the liberals are insane.


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  1. Crotalus says:

    No, not insane. Evil. They intend to ruin this country to build a new Communist utopia on the ashes.

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