The Power of the Internet

The reaction to Verizon’s attempt to add a surcharge to payments which were made on time caused a massive backlash amongst the connected, clearly demonstrating the true power of the internet.

Like Mr. Universe said, “You can’t stop the signal.”

Which is why it makes me so nervous when I see liberals – or anybody else, such as the misguided Republican that introduced SOPA – making noises about controlling internet access and data.

Even with the best of intentions, such efforts are far too dangerous to countenance; for the government is always seeking more and more power over our lives. As witness Obamacare. And once acquired, they never want to give it back!

Whoever controls the internet (and other media), controls the way the people think. Attempts to control the media in any way instantly draw my ire, no matter who is doing it.


P.S. If this is true, Big Brother is watching You! (And me.) The sources for the article are not stated, so while I’m not surprised, I’m not 100% convinced, either.

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1 Response to The Power of the Internet

  1. Crotalus says:

    Well, Popgun, I’m convinced. Our government has grabbed the power to declare any one of us enemies of the state, so I believe that they are spying on us. Then there’s “Fast and Furious”, the BATFEces attempt to attack the 2A by padding the numbers of “crime guns from the U.S.” in the hands of the drug cartels. When I think back, I am surprised that there were any honest people left in any bureaucracy of this government, but I thank God that these courageous souls exposed the government’s cynical and criminal plot. But I have to wonder: what the hell else is our government doing to us that we DON’T know about?

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