Photo ID Required

The liberals and left do not want to allow any sort of photo ID requirement for voters. Or any ID, really. Even though, universally, there is a way to get such an ID for free.

They claim that this somehow discriminates against the poor and underprivileged. [1]

I guess that, by their logic, I really don’t need my concealed handgun license.

After all, that license costs money to get, and you even have to take a test, and training and stuff. My right to carry is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, just as voting is guaranteed by the 15th Amendment. None of this regulation and licensing crap is Constitutional.

So if getting a photo ID discriminates against the poor, the requirement for a license to carry a handgun sure as heck does too, especially since it costs a fair chunk of change, most places.

A true application of liberal logic: If you or I or any illegal alien can vote in US elections without ID, then by the same logic, anyone can carry any weapon or weapons of our choosing, without limitation, without regulation or I.D., without concealment, anywhere we want to go in the U.S., completely without restriction.

After all, we wouldn’t want to discriminate against the disadvantaged, would we?

You can’t have it both ways, liberals.



[1] I personally think the true reason they want to minimize anything that would help prevent voter fraud is because (what with Acorn and everything) the Democrats are most likely to benefit from such fraud. After all, they organize for it. If it didn’t benefit Democrats in elections, Acorn (whatever their name is this week) wouldn’t exist – an wouldn’t get all that funding from Democrat sources.

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