Things Are Shaky

I just read Bayou Renaissance Man’s article about Europe, China and the Economic Crisis. He’s got a good ongoing series of articles on the subject, which you should read if you haven’t.

Seems to me like the world economy is kind of like an airplane that has had it’s tail shot off and the hydraulic systems are gone; we’re still in the air, and to the passengers it looks like we’re OK but a little shaky; but inevitably, we’re going down. The only questions are, how hard? and how soon?.

I sure hope he’s wrong. I don’t think he is. Meanwhile, in the U.S., most politicians are about as credible as Baghdad Bob on the subject. Both sides will still be arguing about what to do – and doing nothing useful – when the plane hits the ground.

I bet we get to the crash site at least half an hour ahead of the paramedics. (Paraphrasing Ron White).

The Euro may not make it to 2012. Then again, it might. What will the repercussions for the U.S. look like?

Not good.


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2 Responses to Things Are Shaky

  1. Brigid says:

    When I downsized, got a small place and started saving up tangible goods cash and gun supplies people said “but what about your big house, it was beautiful” “what about having two cars”. I have no regrets, I have a place to go that’s safe and enough goods to get me buy if times get even tougher without having to go hungry or give up target practice.

    • Popgun says:

      I wish I was that well prepared. I am among those who woke up to economic reality when the economy tanked; up until then I had not really paid much attention to such things. But I am paying attention now! And so I am still in the process of eliminating debt.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I will be there yet (debt free) when the SHTF, though we’re doing our best. We’ll see.


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