The List Goes On

What Obama has done:

Note: this list is just off the top of my head, no research has been done specifically for this entry, so your mileage may vary.

Pissed off our allies.

Bowed to our enemies.

Refused to enforce the laws of the United States of America, and had the Attorney General sue states that want to enforce them anyway.

Refused to close our borders or act (in a functional way) to protect us from the Mexican invasion.

Suffered several terrorist attacks on American soil; something the enemy failed to do on Bush’s watch.

Put the head of NASA in charge of “Muslim outreach”.

Buzzed New York City in Air Force One for a photo op that cost the country millions.

Played a lot of golf. Sent his wife on a lot of very expensive vacations, and went on quite a few himself. Lives like a king while a large number of American Citizens can’t afford new shoes.

Gave up missile defense plans that would protect the world against Iran, in negotiations with Russia – and for no gain.

Raised partisan politics to a new high, publicly blaming Republicans for, well, almost everything.

Claims the Republicans want to destroy “medicare as we know it” while simultaneously implementing ObamaCare, which will, indeed, destroy “medicare as we know it”, already having defunded it by half a trillion dollars.

Put many people in our government by appointment, that are tax cheats; including Timothy Geithner, for instance, who famously cheated on his taxes then blamed it on TurboTax.. Along with another dozen or so appointees.

Increased taxes in many ways, violating promises he made when campaigning. Many of these haven’t gone into effect yet, but – wait.

Wrecked deep water oil production in the Gulf by his moratorium. Modified a technical report by experts without their knowledge, to make it sound like these people thought the moratorium was necessary.

Financed deep water oil production – in another country.

Maneuvered a situation with the “super committee” so that all he and the Democrats have to do to damage our military (financially) is – nothing. And he’s sticking to it.

Given billions away for no benefit, to unscrupulous people, many of which are donors to his campaign (Solendra, etc., etc.).

Screwed over our health care system so that many, many companies are afraid to hire anyone while Obama is in office.

Admitted that he is pursuing gun control “under the radar”. Elements of his administration such as Eric Holder are linked to running guns to Mexico in an effort to make it seem that gun control needs to be increased in the United States. Many people have died directly because of this anti-gun agenda.

Refuses to allow recovery of our own oil resources, which would benefit our country by 1) opening up a whole lot of jobs, 2) cause us to import much less – possibly zero – foreign oil, thus 3) keeping all the money we send overseas for oil in our own economy instead.

Abandoned the rule of law, in a number of different ways. His justice department refuses to prosecute any case about racial discrimination unless the victim is black.

This list is endless…


P.S. These are some few I just pulled from memory. Feel free to add any that I missed, in the comments.

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  1. Billll says:

    What struck me was his claim that his daughters would be successful weather the country was or not. This is the Chinese model in which the sons and daughters of high government officials seem to wind up very successful indeed, with an interest in a near-monopoly business or at least the understanding that the more successful the offspring, the more favorable the parent’s decisions regarding your petitions.

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