Smart, or Stupid? Capable, or Incompetent?

Obama is either incredibly stupid, inept, incompetent, and a failure as a leader of this country; or, Obama is incredibly intelligent and cunning, competent, capable, and is doing exactly what he intended to do.

One way or the other, he’s running this country into the ground.

Almost everything he has done has been detrimental to the country. Economics, jobs, health care, military, you name it. Chronic high unemployment, well above the level he announced when he was a candidate.

I notice a great many on the left will tell anybody who will listen how smart and intelligent Obama is.

This makes me think that Obama is doing exactly what he set out to do – destroy this country.


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One Response to Smart, or Stupid? Capable, or Incompetent?

  1. Crotalus says:

    The man (?) cannot make a comprehensible speech without his teleprompter, but I don’t believe he’s stupid. He’s cunning, diabolical, and is destroying this country deliberately. He is evil.

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