What He Said

Bayou Renaissance Man said this about the economic mess:

“There is only one debate to have in this regard: What services do you wish to demand of your government at all levels — federal, state and local?

Now temper that with the following: Every service you demand must be paid for in current taxes.

Violation of that second precept is why we’re in this mess. It is why the unholy game between Wall Street and Washington exists. This violation is exploited by both major political parties (e.g. ads showing Bush “pushing Granny down the stairs”) to play you off the guy or gal next door through intentional lies in this regard.

This scam is now coming to a close not due to the ethics of the people in DC and on Wall Street but simply because mathematical limits have been reached. We’re seeing the dislocation first in Europe and that should not surprise either — they too made promises they couldn’t pay for with tax revenues, and in general made more expensive promises than we did.”

The man knows whereof he speaks.


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