The Super Comittee

The Super Committee, like any other committee, is a form of life with more than three stomachs and no brain.

I don’t know whether the so-called Super Committee will succeed in coming up with a compromise to reduce Federal expenditures by 1.2 trillion dollars, which is its mandate.

If not, here are a few possible reasons:

One possibility is simply that neither side is willing to bend on issues that mean a lot to them. Let the record state, however, that almost everybody recognizes that the government is spending too much – and it is the Democrats that are resisting every attempt to reduce spending.

Another possibility is that one party or the other has perceived that failure of the committee to arrive at a compromise will be more harmful to the other party than their own. At that point, all they have to do is stonewall the negotiations, and their side “wins”. While claiming the other side is obstinate, as of course both sides do. The committee is doomed to fail the instant an advantage to failure is recognized by either side.

Finally, another possibility is that one side or the other sees benefit in the total collapse of the world economy, including the American economy. My best guess is, that would be the party that endorsed the “Occupy Wall Street” movement… as publicly endorsed by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and other major Democrats and left-wing radicals.

I have come to believe that this last possibility is what the radical liberal wing of the Democratic party want; too many of the actions of this administration are directly inimical to our economy to warrant any other explanation. It would also explain the mystery in my mind about why the Democrats apparently simply do not understand that the checkbook must be balanced sooner or later.

I haven’t really been following the super-committee debate too closely because I fully expect it to either fail completely, or theatrically suddenly arrive at a last-minute “solution” that both sides can “live with”. Just like the last financial debate between the Democrats and the Republicans. And just like last time, we the people will lose.


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