Global NOT Warming

New data shows that for the last eleven years, there has been no “hockey stick” rise in global temperatures. No global warming, man-made or otherwise. NO correlation with rises in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Of course, this other bloke made headlines this week by declaring that global warming is real.

What is a rational layman to think?

What I think is that the scientists don’t understand what is going on well enough to be betting the world economy on it. Maybe someday they will know what they are talking about, but right now, they don’t.

And the politicians sure as hell don’t know what they are talking about. Every climate decision they are making is based on what some smart guy says – or else, for political or economic gain. Ipso facto, if scientists are not competent in this subject, certainly no politician is competent in this science – especially not Al Gore, who, shall we say, has a financial interest.

Besides, trying to separate out the effects of man on climate change, versus how the climate is going to change on its own, is pretty pointless anyway. The fact of the matter is that real science demonstrates that climate changes over time – and there’s precious little we can do about it except adapt. Fortunately, we’re pretty good adapters, as a species.

Trying to screw around with the process of climate change is kind of like trying to nail jello to a wall, anyway. If you insist on a controlled environment, go live in a submarine or a space station.


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