Political Parable

Here’s a parable for the modern age of politics in the USA:


A liberal and a conservative are driving down the road, and come to a man whose car has run out of gas; so, both feeling altruistic, they pull over to see if they can help.

The conservative, having $20 in his wallet, offers the man $5 to help him out, so he can buy some gas.

The liberal puts a gun [1] to the head of the conservative and says “Make that $10.”


Sad as it is, this is a fairly accurate portrayal of the difference between conservative thinking and liberal thinking. Conservatives believe in personal compassion at a level they can afford. If they don’t have it to give, they don’t give. Liberals, on the other hand, believe in using the government to give help to the needy, I suppose so they can feel good about themselves without spending anything themselves.

The problem with the liberal view is that taking from them that has, to give to them that hasn’t, is that they only look at half the equation. They are helping one person – but stealing from another. They only think about the one they are helping.

It is a good thing to want to help the needy. When you have to steal to do it, however, that cancels out the good that you may be doing.

– Popgun

[1] Even the gun used in the parable is accurate. The government uses the threat of guns to collect taxes; if you don’t believe me, don’t pay your taxes. Sooner or later, people with guns will show up.

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  1. Mike says:

    As parables go, that’s pretty bad. It’d be better as a bar joke, but not much.

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