Frustrated and Angry

Frustration and anger; that is what I feel towards our entire political system.

Our politicians, en masse, lie to us daily. Every blooming one of them. IMHO.

They lie to us by redefining the language. Most recently, and significantly, a “spending cut” has been redefined to mean “we won’t increase spending as much as we had planned”. While continuing to increase the rate of spending. Liars.

The new term for any obvious lie is now “misspoke”. Any politician can tell a flat lie; walk it back by claiming they “misspoke”; and that somehow makes it all right…

They create “crises” to herd the public in the direction they want us to go. The bailouts were, every one of them, a “crisis”. Health care reform was a “crisis”. Pretty much everything Obama wants to do is a “crisis”. “Crisis” is now a key word for a lying politician to designate something they want to do – usually to our detriment. I doggone well hate being manipulated, by anybody.

It has gotten so bad that the word “politician” is now universally synonymous with “liar”.

It is now recognized that anything any politician says has to be analyzed for hidden meanings, shaded truths, or outright lies – such as the above definition of “spending cuts”. Failure to perform such analysis is sort of like baring your throat to a vampire. Caveat emptor.

Yet, every day, the gullible take what they say at face value.

Politicians have two goals: get elected; and stay elected. There may be a few that actually do this so they can help, but (if so) those are few and far between.

The rest of them will look you right in the eye and tell you all the great things they are doing for you – but it is more like what they are doing to you. Every time a politician sets pen to paper, freedom dies a little. Because they think their only tool is to pass laws or regulations; when the review and abolishment of unneeded, unfair, or unnecessary laws should be just as important a function.

Politician’s lies are organized – by party, they create talking points that they constantly reiterate, in the hope that we will be stupid enough to believe them if they only repeat them often enough. Sadly, this works, all too often, on people who don’t devote the time to understand the issues.

I don’t have a workable solution for this. The only way I see to fix this is for all voters to begin studying what all these politicians are doing to us, and vote them out when they lie or otherwise demonstrate immorality or, indeed, incompetence. But that is not going to happen because the great majority of voters can’t be bothered to watch the news, much less think about it.

And that is very, very sad. Our country may just die of stupid.

I hope not. But I’m not optimistic.


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