They Don’t Want “Fair”, That’s for Sure.

The “occupy wall street” protestors now want all educational loans to be zeroed out.

I have a message to all you “occupy wall street” protestors:

If you are getting something for nothing; somebody, somewhere, is getting nothing for something.

Where’s the morality in that?

I paid my student loans; nobody made you take on those loans; and you are just a bunch of sniveling, stinking, whining, gutless wonders who don’t have the morality to honor a commitment you made voluntarily.

Like all socialists and communists, you are nothing but a pack of thieves.

By definition.

– Popgun

P.S. I think it’s funny as heck that some of you are griping about your laptops, iPhones, etc. getting stolen. It’s not so much fun when the wealth being spread around is yours, is it?

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