Occupy Wall Street, or Something

As near as I can tell from the news and articles I’ve read, the Occupy Wall Street bunch don’t seem to have a coherent message. Their list of “demands” is a joke.

It is a fact that some of them were paid to show up. Considering that Obama and Pelosi, for two, endorsed the protests, I wonder if this is what Van Jones was predicting a few days ago. George Soros has been implicated through a number of his puppet organizations as being involved.

The liberals would really like for most people to draw the conclusion that these chumps are on the same level as the Tea Party. I can’t see that, myself. The Tea Party is mostly people who are aware of the government’s fiscal policies, and the movement among the liberal left away from the Constitution. If you go to a Tea Party meeting, you can ask anybody what they are there for, and get a coherent answer.

Nobody at any Tea Party gathering ever took a poop on a police car. So far as I can recall, every singleTea Party gathering has been peaceful, polite, and they picked up their trash when they left.

The Occupy Wall Street bunch, when asked, do not seem to have a coherent message, other than that they want more stuff for free, and want to pull down those who are doing better than they are. They seem to think there is some “right” to economic equality, without earning it. Many of them are “against capitalism” but have no idea what they want to replace it with.

Folks, it seems to me that contrasting the Tea Party to this group of protesters is a strong parallel to contrasting conservatives to liberals.

The Tea Party, and many conservatives, recognize that the direction the country is taking is unhealthy and want to work within the law to bring it back on course. This includes balancing the federal check-book and living within our means, as well as bringing back the personal protections of the Constitution, which liberals and progressives have been chipping away at for the last half century [1].

The liberal left, including Obama, Pelosi, Soros and others, appear to want to tear it down and turn it into a communism or socialist state. The protesters don’t like capitalism because they don’t want to have to work for what they get. They figure if we went to a socialist government, they’d just be “taken care of”, all their days – no struggle, no worries.

But that is at best a pipe dream. Even if full socialism was implemented here, it is automatically doomed to failure, as productive people look around and wonder why they’re bothering. When the people who work for a living go fishing, those who count on their services must do without. Ayn Rand nailed it on the head. I recommend reading her “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”. Excellent!

– Popgun

[1] An excellent example of the degradation of the Constitution: The Fourth Amendment protects you from “unreasonable searches and seizures” so that you can be secure in your “persons, houses, papers and effects”. Yet, every day, swat teams kick in front doors with no warning, often killing or injuring innocent people in their homes.

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