Bipartisan Jobs Bill?

In this article at Foxnews, Obama accuses Republicans of putting “party ahead of country” in so many words, related to negotiating some kind of jobs bill.

It’s not the party, stupid. It’s the fact that you have amply demonstrated that your economic policies don’t work! If they worked, we’d be all for them. Your policies have failed! Why do more of the same?

Conservatives want to fix the problems. Their methods may or may not work, but at least they aren’t more of the same, that has obviously not worked.

Obama, the unions, and Democrats just want more of the same: even more spending, especially on socialistic programs, disguised as a jobs bill.

Is there anybody that works for a living, in the non-union private sector, that thinks Obama’s plans will work?

You campaigned on “hope and change”. We got change that we didn’t want, and now we hope that you will fail – because your policies are killing America.

The folks who should be laid off are President Obama and all his democrat and union cronies and “czars” that he’s appointed under the radar. They are the ones who should be out of work – so the rest of us can get some pro-business people in government and get some productive (i.e. non-government) employment going.

Interestingly enough, “pro-business” government means less government. All we want is for government to get out of the way, and get their fingers out of our pockets. And then, you’ll see some real job growth.


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