A Real Class Act

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa said these words referring to the Tea Party, when introducing Obama at a rally in Detroit, Michigan, today:

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” – emphasis mine.

I do realize that this is a bit of tough-guy oratory issued by a man who makes a very good living off of extortion union dues, who seems to think the people he represents expect him to act like a big tough guy. Shucks, he probably is a big tough guy… when he’s surrounded by 15 or 20 union thugs. But he really, really needs to think twice about exactly who he is bad-mouthing. Because what goes around, comes around.

Now, I am not a member of the Tea Party, nor any other formal political group; but I do share many of the core concerns of the Tea Party. You know, smaller government, responsible spending, constitutional government – things like that.

So, it looks to me like this – person – called my mother a bitch. I take a freaking dim view of that.

Very classy. I doubt he’s got the honest manhood, or the sense of honor, it would take to offer a public apology, either. Especially seeing as how my mother’s been dead for eleven years, and she was classier on her worst day than Hoffa is on his best day.

I’m very glad this – man – does not represent me. I would be ashamed, if it was so. On the basis of this one statement, I know the measure of this man – and it is not much. So, a message to the union folks he represents: Do you really want someone like that speaking for you?

Because with that one statement, he sure has made a lot of enemies – and contempt – for himself – and your union.


P.S. I used to know another union guy, who was (he thought) a big man with the railroad. He had a big mouth, too. He’s dead now, and he was so well loved that his family wouldn’t even spring for a headstone for his grave. The cardboard marker has rotted away, and he is literally in an unmarked grave.

And nobody cares.

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