A Couple of Things That Annoy Me

Obama has issued some “talking points” instructing his administration how to portray 9/11, according to this article at FoxNews.com. They say:

“We honor all victims of terrorism, in every nation…whether in New York or Nairobi, Bali or Belfast, Mumbai or Manila, or Lahore or London.”


“minimize references to Al-Qaeda.”

among other things. Obama, and many in his administration, has had some seriously screwed up ideas about terrorism from the very beginning. He is so upside down on this one, it’s obscene.

Here are my points:

First, on 9/11 we are specifically observing the attacks that were carried out against the United States on September 11, 2001. Not all those other nations and places. They were tragedies, too – but on September 11, Americans will remember the attacks on America that happened on that date. Those other countries can have their own remembrances. It is wrong, wrong, wrong of Obama to try to dilute this.

Second, Al-Qaeda implemented those attacks. I find it passing strange that Obama and his administration is so remarkably unwilling to admit this, or even that terrorism exists. It’s a fact. And those who cannot recognize it are deluding themselves.


Finally, one other thing that just really seriously makes me angry – the habit of deception of the people of the United States by this administration, and Obama in particular. A perfect example is Obama’s “bus tour”. Read about what really happened, here on John Lott’s blog. This is extremely significant; if a man will lie to you about little things, he will lie to you about anything. And Obama is a liar. And I hate being lied to, with a passion.

Makes you want to throw up. Oh, and one other thing; what major political figure had a bus tour just before Obama did his alleged but fraudulent bus tour? Sarah Palin.

I bet she actually rode the bus. And bought it with her money and not mine, too.


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