Obama’s Job Plan – So Far

Commenting on this article, which discusses what little is known about Obama’s job plan.

Obama clearly still doesn’t get it. He’s spent money at a rate four times greater than Bush, then blames Bush for our situation.

Then, his jobs plan relies on yet more redistribution of wealth. Part of it, according to the article, is his plan for the federal government to directly hire workers.

The article says: “Retrofitting schools with energy efficient technology would allow the government to directly hire for labor-intensive work and also give a boost to the clean energy sector that Obama has said could be an important U.S. economic motor.”

Just what we need. Yet more government employees feeding at the federal trough. More money spent to give a boost to the clean energy sector that Obama said “could” be an important economic motor. And, as Ayn Rand asked – “Who pays?

Well, maybe the “clean energy sector” will be an economic motor – someday. When it becomes cost effective, which it is not, yet.

One of our problems is that Obama is fixated on the idea that we must “go green” – right now! He wants to do this even though green technologies cost far more than conventional energy sources. I’m all for “green” energy sources, but we must make them economically competitive so we can adopt them without destroying our economy. Obama doesn’t want to wait for that.

And he doesn’t mind making them economically viable by causing the cost of conventional energy sources to increase, either. That’s what his energy policy has been, so far – demonize and obstruct our own oil and gas production wherever possible.

The second issue with the stated policy (if the article is correct) is that part about “directly hire”. Every single federal employ is a parasite on the system, whose entire existence is funded by taxpayers. We don’t need any more federal employees. Quite the opposite, in fact. And, like cancer, once you’ve got a government employee, it seems to be awfully hard to get rid of them.

Oh, and the part about “labor-intensive work”; want to bet Obama would have our government hiring illegal aliens? He loves them – because they are a key voting block for Democrats.

That part of the plan is also Obama’s statism showing. Obama believes in big government – the bigger, the better. The fact that we can’t afford even the one we’ve got has no bearing on his thinking.

Obama has not been, and is not, worried about the deficit, the economy, or jobs, either. He has waited three years to even start making noise about them, and that fact demonstrates his true priority. What has he spent his time on? Oh, there’s a list; mostly ObamaCare, bypassing the Constitutional system of checks and balances with czars and Presidential mandates, intrusive regulation of almost everything (lightbulbs!), running guns to Mexico, specifically not solving our illegal immigration problem, and pissing off our international allies. To name a few.

Obama’s priority surely hasn’t been private sector jobs, the economy, or stopping oil / gas imports by producing our own.

They say actions speak louder than words. Obama’s actions are a shout!


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