Is Collapse Imminent?

I’ve read the first 30 or 40 pages of Mark Steyn’s “After America”, and I’ve read Glenn Beck’s “Broke”.

Both these guys, and many others, are predicting either major economic depression or the outright fall of the United States. Or the transformation of the United States into something with the same name, but that isn’t the country I grew up in – which transformation is well under way.

The questions in my mind are these:

First, what is the real probability that we will have catastrophe on the scale of government breakdown, economic and distribution system breakdown, where literally it gets so bad that starvation and anarchy set in?

Second, if that probability is pretty high, what is the time frame in which this is likely to occur.

Third, is it even possible to avoid these things entirely?

Fourth, how do I protect my family if they do happen?

Sorry, my crystal ball is broken. I don’t have adequate answers to most of these questions. Here’s what I do see, though:

These guys have the numbers to back up their contentions.

I’m sorry to say that, while I recognize that a crisis is coming, I don’t have the skills to know for myself the answers to the first three questions above. I’m stuck with watching the news and reading related books. The news does seem to be trending in that direction, though. I have reached the following conclusions:

First, if it is possible to avoid such a collapse, the group in the U.S.A. that promotes the best policies to do it is the Tea Party.[1] In point of fact, the question is whether even their most extreme cuts in spending will be enough to save the country. If the policies of the Tea Party do not get enough political traction to be implemented, whatever happens economically is going to be much worse.

Second, even at best, there is going to be economic pain. We are not getting out of this without paying something, whether in dollars or lost benefits. Shucks, I hope that’s the worst of it – but it could well be very bad indeed. Starvation bad.

Third, about the only thing I can see to do to protect my family is to do my best to get completely out of debt, and try to save up extra food, guns, and ammo. Maybe I won’t need them – I earnestly hope I don’t need them. But I’ll sleep better if we have them. I just hope the big problems hold off until I have had time to do this.

Oh, and vote for Tea Party, or extremely fiscally conservative, candidates, wherever possible. [2]

How about it, folks – how do you see it?


[1] One problem I see coming, even if we do take our medicine as per the Tea Party, is this: If we implement their policies, people will be losing benefits, as over-the-top social programs are eliminated or reduced. The problem is that people must understand that they have to take these cuts for their own long-term survival. Most of them, unfortunately, will vote against the reductions as soon as the reductions affect them personally – thereby leading to long-term destruction. So I don’t have much of a warm fuzzy about our chances. Somebody recently pointed out that we are in trouble when more people vote for a living than work for a living.

[2] Not really germane to the discussion, but I will point out that, while this administration did not create this situation, its policies have unquestionably and radically made it worse. Much worse. We may not survive another four years of Obama.

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