Rainbows and Unicorns

The Democrats and Liberals want a world where everything is rainbows and unicorns, and nobody ever has to worry, there is never an unkind word [1], and you don’t even have to work for a living. Statists want to do this through an all-powerful government that orders every citizen’s life, from cradle to grave. [2]

It’s a pretty dream, but it is deceptive.

Fundamentally, somebody, somewhere, has to work to support such a society. If those people don’t have any choice in the matter (i.e. it is paid for with tax money, or if they are actual slaves), then it is tantamount to slavery for those people. There is a real cost to operate a society, whether anybody is getting paid, or not. Somebody has to grow food and deliver it, and so on and so forth.

Whether you deal with these concepts in terms of labor or dollars, someone has to bear the cost.

Liberals, Statists and Democrats tend to choke and stutter when you ask the simple question “Who’s paying for this?”. You will notice, it always seems to be somebody else who is going to pay.

That one question: WHO is paying for this? Ask any liberal and watch them squirm.

Some of them are so stupid that they actually think the government can just print all the money it wants. Some of them think the government generates money.

In the end, they would take everything you have and decide how much of it to give back to you, if they had total control. The proof is the $14 trillion dollars they’ve already spent that the next two generations will be paying off. The next two generations will not have the wealth, the good lives, that they could have had if they didn’t bear this vulgar debt.

Personally, I want my elected officials to actually care that they are spending my money. Right now, there are a whole bunch of people in Washington, that literally could not care less about the individuals whose tax money they spend with such abandon. I’m fed up with it, and I want them out!


[1] Funny how they are so willing to utter unkind words about anybody who doesn’t see things exactly their way. They never see the irony of this.

[2] Obama is a big-government statist liberal who fits this profile perfectly.

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