Blame For The Downgrade

Who is really to blame for the credit downgrade of the U.S.A. by S&P? Well, here’s my personal take on the subject – YMMV:

Every liberal on the planet is screaming that the Tea Party caused the credit downgrade. Let’s examine that premise for a minute.

Question #1: Would the downgrade have happened if the U.S. wasn’t overdrawn by $14 trillion dollars? Answer: Probably not.

Question #2: Who is responsible for the U.S. spending over 40% more than it takes in? [1] Answer: Obama. (The overspending has been going on since WWII, but not at that level).

Question #3: Has this administration done anything to correct this situation in the last three years? [2] Answer: No! Just the opposite!

Question #4: Would this administration reduce the size of government and cut spending on its own – ever? Answer: No!

Question #5: What is the Tea Party’s stated goal? Answer: Small government, minimum spending, zero debt. Exactly what gets you a great credit rating.

Question #6: In the recent debt ceiling negotiations, the Tea Party wanted big cuts to federal spending. If this had happened, would it have helped our credit rating, or hurt it? Answer: Obviously, it would have helped it.

Question #7: Who, exactly, refused to give in, in the recent “negotiations”? Answer: Both sides, obviously. They were both obstinate, by the same amount of obstinacy, and they both came to an agreement at the same time. Clearly, it only takes one side giving in to end an argument – and neither side would budge. The Democrats are exactly as guilty as the Tea Party.

Notice that Obama accuses the Tea Party of threatening to allow a default – but then, Obama threatened to allow a default if the proposal did not carry past the next election. For purely political purposes, Obama was willing to default.

Thinking about the above questions, I’d say the Tea Party, if anything, deserves kudos for doing their best to improve our credit rating.

What we are seeing is the people who are the most guilty squawking the loudest, and trying their best to deflect blame onto somebody – anybody – else. After all, that is the one skill politicians excel at – the blame game. [3] Obama, for instance, has blamed both the Tea Party and S&P – which doesn’t’ make sense.

In the next election, we need to replace every single elected member of our government from the President on down, who isn’t in the Tea Party – because the Tea Party is the only organization that recognizes, and exhibits concern about, the insane level of Federal debt.

If you left it to the Democrats and liberals, Washington would never stop spending more than we have coming in. They’d still be writing hot checks the day it all hit the floor.



[1] Yes, I KNOW that Obama’s administration inherited a lot of debt. This is true. It’s also true that Obama has thrown gasoline on the fire, and napalm, too, radically increasing the size of government and the spending level. Obama has spent more in one year than Bush did in four. Also, Obama has not done one blooming thing to correct the situation.

[2] See [1]

[3] I’m really surprised the liberals haven’t called the Tea Party racist because they disagree with Obama. That I know of.

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