Democrat Talking Points

The Democrats want to paint the Tea Party folks as obstinate, unyielding ideologues who are obstructing their ability to make laws that suit them.

Well, it’s true. They are.

God bless ‘em, they are exactly the sort of people who planted their feet and told the British “No more!” in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence.

I’d like to point out that the Tea Party is a direct reaction to and result of the Democrats’ un-American socialist, economy-killing redistributive economic policies; as well as arrogance and failure to listen to the people as they forced ObamaCare on the nation, against the will of a large majority.

President Obama, and all of Congress prior to the elections of 2010, simply did not expect the sheep to resist quite so firmly. Without the Tea Party, there would have been little to no resistance to whatever Obama wanted to do. Up until the advent of the Tea Party, in most cases there was little to no difference between a Democrat and a Republican, at least on economic issues.

The Tea Party are some good, honest folks who have planted their feet and said “We have had enough of this nonsense!”

I can relate. I don’t like where Obama and the Democrats are taking the country. Apparently, about 83% of the people of this country agree with me, as of polls dated July 27, 2011. Only 17% think the country is on the right track.

You would think our “government of the people, by the people” would kind of, you know, pay attention to this.

But they won’t.


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