The Debt Ceiling Debate and Compromise

I’ve been hearing on the TV a lot of Democrats pompously announcing that “The American people want compromise!” and “The American people want a bi-partisan agreement!”.

I’m here to tell you that if any politician utters a statement that begins with “The American people want…”, they are almost certainly asserting their own view without evidence to back it up. If you can’t find it in a scientific poll, it ain’t so, to ten decimal places.

The liberals, Democrats and Obama want a bi-partisan compromise because now, since the 2010 mid-term elections, they must have it to get any of their agenda done. Period.

They sure as heck were not interested in bi-partisan agreements, or compromise, when they rammed that disgusting, vile ObamaCare bill through the (then) Democrat controlled congress against the wishes of the American people. (The latest news on that fiasco is that it will cause medical costs to rise, rather than saving money as promised.)

Democrats and liberals – and Obama in particular – are not interested in what the other side has to say about anything, unless they cannot proceed without such input.

To be fair, the converse statement will surely be true in the future. The Democrat’s view has set the bar for future political conflict. From here on out, compromise and bi-partisanship are mostly dead except when both sides see that without it awful things will happen. As with the debt ceiling debate, for instance.

And maybe not even then.

Personally, I still hold the Democrats responsible if it all goes wrong, because the Republicans at least have a plan, which they have modified a number of times to try to get the Democrats to accept it; while the Democrats haven’t had a plan, or a budget, for several years – all the Democrats have is an agenda.

The Republicans have attempted to solve the problem; the Democrats will NOT compromise, purely for political and ideological reasons; and any default is the Democrats fault, because they are now in a position to fix this with a single vote and signature.

The Democrats are acting like a child that won’t take his bad-tasting medicine.

What a bunch of losers! I just hope they don’t take the rest of us down with them.


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