Obama Sure Talks Purty, Don’t He?

Rep. Boehner broke off the debate with Obama, and Obama immediately gave a news conference / speech, which I just watched.

I took no written notes, and i don’t have a transcript. Here are some of my impressions:

First, Obama repeatedly made comments saying that “the American people want this” or “the American people want that”, and it was funny to me that every single time, according to him, “the American people” want whatever it is he is selling. Obviously, Obama doesn’t read this blog.

Obama blamed all the failures to negotiate on the Republicans, of course. According to him, all the failure to budge is on the Republican side. It seems to me that Obama’s side is the side that is not bending. The Republicans have tried several different plans, trying to find one the Democrats would accept – without success. The Democrats haven’t offered even a single plan for discussion – they are now the “Party of No” that they kept spouting about a year or so ago.

Everything Obama said about the intransigence of the Republicans could be mirrored to the Democrat side, changing only the names of the parties, and it would still make perfect sense.

Obama says controlling the budget and addressing the deficit is a very high priority for him. Where the heck was that when he was spending money like it was water for the last three years? Obama is a two-faced liar that will tell you what he is doing and then do something completely different – and act like we’re too stupid to notice.

Obama has no plan. The Democrats have no plan, nor a budget. The Republicans are the only group that has proposed a plan, and they can’t get it past the Democrats in the Senate.

Obama made it clear that he does not want to cut any of his redistributive spending. Obama and the Democrats have not put one solid major cut on the table in writing. Where is their plan? They don’t have one. They want the credit limit raised so they can continue their insane spending spree.

Obama stated that he will not sign a short term extension that does not go beyond the elections in 2012. The ONLY reason that limitation should exist is so that this will not be an issue for him in the next election. Obama is playing dice with the entire economy of the United States for the purpose of furthering his reelection campaign.

Several times Obama gave veiled threats about social security, medicare and other checks not going out after August 2 if the extension is not passed. Obama is lying through his teeth – income covers those checks, and the government has no legal right to not send out those checks. It is purely a transparent attempt to manipulate the public through fear.

Obama is a very eloquent speaker. If you don’t pay attention to what is really going on in the background, he even sounds like a reasonable man. But Obama frequently gives the appearance of doing the right thing while doing the evil thing in the background, often through using his czars and the administration’s regulatory powers. In my book, that makes him a liar, straight up.

If it is so freaking important to raise the debt limit, Obama should be willing to sign whatever it takes to get it done. He is holding out for tax increases and political advantage – thereby putting our entire country at risk.

If raising the debt ceiling is as important as they say it is, Obama should be urging the Democrats to take the Republican plan. He’s not doing that. He’s playing politics instead of taking care of the country.

If this whole thing falls apart and our economy goes down the tubes, I lay it at the feet of fanatic liberals, Democrats, and specifically Obama.


ADDENDUM 7/24/11: Michael Goodwin wrote an excellent article that sums it up nicely. He said it more eloquently than I could.

ADDENDUM 7/25/11: Here is somebody else who notices how many lies Obama packed into this speech.

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