Nothing Useful Will Pass

What with our major civilization-threatening economic woes, it occurs to me to observe that a major economic disaster appears to be inevitable, given our political setup.

Lawmakers (of any party), in considering legislation, think about whether they can get it past the opposition before they even make the attempt. They also consider whether their constituents will put them out of a job if they vote against the popular wishes of those constituents. The exceptions to this are few enough to be inconsequential.

Most people probably now recognize that the government needs to radically cut spending, and they are all for it – as long as it isn’t anything that impacts them. And that is the fatal flaw that will very likely destroy our economy, and possibly our civilization.

The citizens of this country need to be self-disciplined and mature enough to be able to look at the economic situation and realize that we are not getting out of this without taking some lumps; and do what is necessary to salvage our way of life.

But this won’t happen; the average citizen wants to maintain his status quo, at the cost of everybody else. Ask any union member – the entire might of their political apparatus is exerting its full force to keep their privileges, at the cost of all the rest of us. And most politicians will not go against this trend – because it isn’t just the unions that think that way, it is the great majority of voters.

In short, the real cuts required to get us back on track will be immensely unpopular, because it is pain now rather than even more pain later, and most of us won’t accept the pain now.

Making the much greater pain coming later, inevitable.


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