Proof that Obama is Delusional

The headline reads “Obama: 80% of American People Want Higher Taxes As Part Of Deal”.

I’d have to say that qualifies as delusional.

The Democrats / liberals want all the income they can figure out a way to extract, ultimately without limit, so they can continue their incredible spending binge. The only thing holding them back is the calculation of just how much they can get without losing the next election. After all, deep in their hearts, they think they own us.

They are only targeting the “rich” right now – and they think we will think that makes it all right, because it’s not US that is getting raped. If we let them take this step, about the middle of next year they’ll move the limit down; and the year after that, some more; until everybody is paying more. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

The liberals got us into this mess with their incredible spending; now they insist on increasing taxes to help get them out of the hole they have dug. They can go fly a lead balloon so far as I care; I’m paying too much already. (Yes, I know, it’s “only the rich” – and if you believe they’ll stop there, I have a deal for you – small bills only, please). Enough is enough. They want more money than we are willing to give – and that is the beginning and end of the problem.

Like the mythical vampire, they are insatiable. It is up to us to stop them from sucking us dry.

NO higher taxes! For anybody.


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